Buying a property in Spain?

We prepared a guide to help you understand the property purchase process:


    1. Find the ideal property. Anywhere in Spain.


    1. Contact us. Before contacting to agency or owner.


    1. Find out all costs and expenses. There are taxes and expenses derivated. When you are buying a property in Spain, apart from the property price you must take some derivates costs in consideration. To help you we have develop a simulator that will tell you what and how much these costs are.


    1. We will sign a power of attorney. From now, we will take care of all the paperwork and defend your interests.


    1. The purchase is signed in front of a notary. We represent you personally whether or not you are in Spain.


  1. You are now the owner. You just have to enjoy your new home.


We have prepared a more detailed guide. Send to my email


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