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We are specialists in your needs

We are specialists in Buy&Sell Real Estate
and Golden Visa and we offer legal, fiscal,
accounting and labor services.

We have, on our website, simulators to calculate the derivates cost of a property purchase and Golden Visa process, it is also available the download of infographics that show, step by step, how to buy a home in Spain and the process to apply for the Golden Visa.

We offer to our clients an online consultation service, through video calls of up to 1 hour, by appointment. This will make it easier for you to access our advisors quickly, comfortably and from anywhere in the world and at the appointed time.

You will also have all the information of interest on the AB Lawyers website / blog / social networks in an easy language to all.


If you are going to buy or sell a property,
you will need our advice.

We are specialists in the buy&sell of real estate. We will protect you and help you throughout the entire process: from A-Z.

We prepare a preliminary report, we pay attention to the detection of problems before the purchase, we will carry out negotiations, reservation and purchase, we will control the client’s payments, we will assist you in a notary’s office, we will advise you on the request for financing and mortgages, registration in the Registry of the Property, we will inform you about Expenses and Taxes and we will take care of the contracting of electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc.

Our Previous Report includes the investigation of the legal, urban, cadastral situation, mortgages and pending debts, among others.

Golden Visa

If what you need is to get a golden visa, we can advise you throughout the process

We offer a 360º legal service that includes from the management of the residence permit to the accompaniment during the realization of the investment, ensuring that it is made in compliance with the legal regulations in force in Spain.

Just in the last year, AB Lawyers advisers have handled hundreds of requests related to this type of visa to reside in Spain. It is one of the most common and effective procedures for foreigners if they want to obtain residence in our country.

Servicios Legales 360º


We offer legal, tax, accounting and labor advisory services, through a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in comprehensive advice to natural or legal persons and companies. Our services are organized in a cohesive and transversal way to simplify your procedures as much as possible through a personalized, attentive and highly reliable treatment.


Our legal office will provide you with security in your private and business transactions in all areas of corporate, commercial, civil, administrative, urban law, mergers, bankruptcies and suspension of payments, tax, labor, among others.


Planning and fiscal control are vital to any business. Our goal is to help you save taxes and comply with all your obligations, both national and international, before the Tax Agency.


Our experience and knowledge of the complex mercantile and accounting regulations of each sector will provide you with security and the guarantee of success in your business.

We will present the accounting information to you easily and intelligently for further analysis and decision making. We will prepare different types of reports of your company to download and follow the evolution of the business, from anywhere in the world.


Your company will also need labor advice for hiring employees, prepare payroll, Social Security, settlements, subsidies, prevention of occupational risks among other matters

“If you need comprehensive advice - legal, tax, accounting or labor - our team with more than 25 years of experience in the sector will offer it at the highest level”.


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