What is the reference value of a property in Spain?

For the purpose of determining how much is to be paid for both Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty and Inheritance and Gift Tax in Spain, on numerous occasions, the determination of this “real value” has been the subject of controversy and litigation. In this sense, the Spanish Supreme Court has established as a jurisprudential doctrine […]

Buying a property? Why you should seek for legal advice first!

If you are contemplating buying a home, before you sign an agreement with the real estate agent or bid at auction you should seek legal advice. We have come across many clients who have lamented to us that they did not have the contract reviewed before they signed. This occurs particularly when they discover they […]

Buying a property in Spain?

We prepared a guide to help you understand the property purchase process:   Find the ideal property. Anywhere in Spain.   Contact us. Before contacting to agency or owner.   Find out all costs and expenses. There are taxes and expenses derivated. When you are buying a property in Spain, apart from the property price […]